About Satish Gujaran

Life begins at 41! From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Running and Satish Gujaran are synonymous to each other. With each run, he discovered something new about running, life and himself. Satish Gujaran was born in Udupi (Mangalore). He is a Co-Founder of RunWithSatish and presently working at Network Twenty-one as Business Development Manager.

He was never really inclined towards sports although he is occasionally did enjoy playing a game of badminton and cricket. In fact, his lifestyle was far from healthy. He was a chain smoker and like any other smoker, had tried many ways to stop.

Till one day his friend Dereck, who is an avid runner, coaxed him to start running in order to kick the smoking habit. As he started running on a regular basis, he began to enjoy running. But he could not able to finish his first ever race of 21km. That was the turning point in his life. Then on wards he never stopped running. Eventually running consistently and attending the Inner Engineering Course of Isha Foundation, helped him quit smoking. But he continued to run and run, till date finally running became an integral part of his life.

Satish Gujaran in his 15 years of running, finished 24 Ultra Marathon, 28 Full Marathon, 28 Half Marathon.  Instead of traveling by bus / train or flight to participate in any marathon. He prefer running to those venue where marathon happens. So he ran from Mumbai to Surat and ran the Surat marathon, Vashi to Satara and ran the Satara marathon, Pune to Aurangabad to run Aurangabad marathon and Nasik to Shirdi to run the Shirdi International Marathon. Last year when he turned to 55 years, he did his PB in full marathon as well as in half marathon. Full marathon in 3 hours 38 min and half marathon in 1h 38 min. He is the first Indian to finish 10 consecutive Comrades marathon and awarded Green number by Comrades Marathon Association at Comrades Marathon’2019. This year he will be pacing 4h 30 min bus in major marathons across India, so that any one has got a dream of running Comrades, they can run with Satish in his 4:30 Bus and qualify for the comrades. He is also going to pace 11.30 bus at Comrades 2020.