Why #RunWithSatish?

#RunWithSatish is an initiative to motivate you to get off the couch and start running, at your chosen trail, at your own pace, one tiny step at a time towards the finishing line set by you. #RunWithSatish is an open invitation to India to run along, making the entire nation a running community. If you are already into running, you can sign up for various running programs designed by Satish himself to share marathon running tips, his inspiring life experiences, and wisdom, organize meet-ups and plan activities to bring the running community closer.

So, even if you are someone who have not participated in any marathons or someone who does not follow a running or jogging schedule as a part of their fitness regime, but are eager to know more about fitness dynamics, eager to implement a fit lifestyle in your daily life by adopting a fitness regime and want to know more about healthy diet, #RunWithSatish platform is for you.
Under this initiative, various training programs, meetups, activities will be planned in order to keep the community active.

#RunWithSatish initiative is not just restricted to running and marathon community. The initiative and its programs are for everyone who is willing to make their lifestyle healthier, stronger and better.