What they say…

Running with Satish will be an experience which you can treasure.

Hemanta Kumar Pati

Having done the 9 Comrades in a row and he is doing the 10th this June, Satish knows every inch of the route. Enjoy listening to him while you do your long miles especially on hills. You won’t realize how long you ran.

Kranti Salvi

I have always enjoyed walking talking and running with Satish. He is Mr. Comrades India.

Avinash Mane

Very humble and always there to help runners with his valuable guidance. I will vouch for #RunWithSatish.

Mahadev Nadkarni

An inspiring energetic runner.

Preeti Lala

Very cooperative. Helping nature and what quality. Words are short.

Sumi Sumi

Very down to earth. Talks from experience, not books. There’s some interesting and useful insight in each of his post – whether you have just started running or you are an ultra-runner.

Rajesh Nair

A great running mentor, humble person, down to earth and what all to say about him.

Prakhar Tasgaonkar

Had a few casual interactions with him and found him to be very simple person who lets his running do the talking. Always shared critical analysis of run routes helping other runners. A Comrades champion, looking forward to learn from him to tackle my first Comrades in 2020 🙂

Shiv Iyer

Satish is the ideal person to train body, mind and soul. From personal experience he can empathize with learners at all levels from beginners to ultra-runners with a holistic approach to training.

Anamika Kundu

When it comes to running there is only one name that comes to my mind in the western part of India and its capital city Mumbai none other than Satish Gujaran. He is passionate runner and such an amazing human being. I highly recommend him in case you meet him, hijack him and ask him all the possible queries you have about running… Thank you Satish ji for being an awesome inspiration for many of aspiring runners like me.

Ashish Ganjkhane

He is a dedicated knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge to anyone who contacts him.

Aatul Sangamnerkkar

Satish is a humble person, an encouraging friend and a committed and brilliant athlete. I think he is running royalty and I respect him for the goodness in his heart. I’m fortunate to know him as a friend, despite being running royalty he is down to earth and a teacher and mentor to countless road runners. I would run with Satish any day. Congratulations my friend for finally starting your page. Best wishes to you.

Ann Dsilva

Satish is amazing runner, great motivator, absolutely humble and modest human. No matter what lever runner you are – he can always motivate you to become better. Thanks Satish – you are a running inspiration. Always pleasure to be with you.

Prasad Gangavkar

A very genuine person, great & passionate runner, consistent pace over a very long distance, motivational speaker, helping nature.

Ananth Kshirsagar

An inspiring runner. Not got the opportunity to meet him. Would like to learn a lot from him.

Manish Singh

A genuine human being. Very accessible and helpful.

Prithwish Mukherjee

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