5k Running Plan

The 5K Beginning Run program is geared towards new runners who want to run a 5K successfully. The key is in the recipe that includes a perfect blend of running easy days, long endurance runs, cross-training and rest.

The Beginner 5K Program is geared to first-timer runners and gradually builds in mileage and intensity allowing your body to adapt to the new distances week to week.

The program also includes optional cross-training workouts and rest days. Cross-training allows you to incorporate other activities you enjoy to compliment your program. Cross-training activities may include cycling, yoga, swimming or any activity that is not walking or running.

The program is a perfect strategy for those who have been running 2-3 times per week for 20-30 minutes . If you are running less, that is okay! Consider the “Run-Walk” 5K Program and build your way up.